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More Listening When Macmillan was looking for narrators for Watch Me, they asked Gehrman for a list of possible actor/narrators. "I sent them names, but at the same time, I began to realize that I would really love to read Kate, so I asked them if I could audition." Gehrman has acted most of her life in college, universities, and community theater, but never professionally. "I am the first person to tell you that the author is not always the right person to read the book, for any number of reasons, but this was just that rare opportunity when I was in the right demographic in terms of age, and I wanted to see what it would be like to narrate. Luckily, my husband is a sound designer, and we have a lot of good mics in our house, so he helped me rig up a home studio." Although it would be her first time recording a full-length audiobook, Macmillan agreed she would be the perfect voice for Kate. Gehrman says, "Giving voice to Kate gave me a whole new level of appreciation for audiobook narrators because the ones who are really good have a rare and wonderful skill, especially those who can do accents." Gehrman believes that a narrator's job is to disappear so that the listener is no longer thinking about what a great narra- tion it is, but rather becomes completely absorbed in the story. She has nothing but high praise for Watch Me co-narrator Holter Graham. "I was so thrilled with what he brought to it." We asked Gehrman how she was able to enter the mind of Sam, the college student who is obsessed with Kate, his writing teacher. "Inhabiting Sam's psyche came as a total surprise to me. I thought that he'd be a minor character, that it would mostly be Kate's voice and that Sam would just pop up here and there and offer his perspective. But he completely took over my brain. I didn't even know I had that voice in me. He was just in there." What's ahead for Gehrman? "I'm always working on something, but I'm also very superstitious about talking about it. Nothing is in the works for immediate publication, but I'm definitely continuing to explore suspense and hope to keep exploring it for a long time. It feels like fertile ground for me."—S.J. Henschel WATCH ME Jody Gehrman Read by Jody Gehrman, Holter Graham Jody Gehrman's mystery is just plain scary. Not only is she a clever writer, she's a terrific nar- rator as she performs the sections devoted to Kate Youngblood. Kate is a creative writing professor at a small Ohio college who isn't writing much these days. In addi- tion, her ex is marrying a younger woman, and her best friend is pregnant. Gehrman makes it clear that Kate is starting to feel invisible. But to her student, Sam, portrayed by Holter Graham, she is a goddess. Graham is marvelously creepy as the brilliant young writer who has been obsessed with Kate for years. Graham makes Sam's disturbing visions feverishly real, while Gehrman turns Kate's strong, if forbidden, attraction to the much younger man into a seductive and dangerous dance. S.J.H. Macmillan Audio 10.5 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: DD ISBN 9781427294050 $26.99 Jody Gehrman's mystery is just plain scary. AUDREY'S GUIDE TO WITCHCRAFT Jody Gehrman, read by Natalie Duke Jody Gehrman, Inc. Unabridged Ages 12+ Trade Ed.: DD BOMBSHELL Jody Gehrman, read by Eunice Wong Harlequin Audio Unabridged Trade Ed.: DD June/July 2018 n 27

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