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Reviewers June/July 2018 n 9 Reviewer Spotlight Elizabeth Ellis (E.E.) Lance Eaton (L.E.) After a few days without listening to audiobooks while commuting, doing chores, or going for runs, I either get a bit cranky or start to mentally narrate my life in the voices of Scott Brick, Alan Sklar, Arthur Morey, and, in my more wild imaginings, Barbara Rosenblat. I can't be an addict (right?), because I still function day- to-day as an Instructional Designer at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA, and am working on my Ph.D. in Higher Education at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. My partner and our cats haven't staged an inter- vention—yet. A.B. Anna Broome, Audiophile, ME A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME A.D.M. Alan Minskoff, Educator, ID A.E.M. Aleece E. Michalak, Librarian, IL A.L. Amanda Lyn, Audiophile, AZ A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE A.L.S.M. Amanda Murphy Librarian, OH A.R. Ann Ritchie, Educator, MA A.S. Andrea Smith, Librarian, MN A.T.N. Andy Northrup, Librarian, CT B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Writer, NY B.P. Brian Price, Producer, IN E.B. Elaine Barrie, Greenwich Library, CT E.C. Emily Calkins, Librarian, WA E.E. Elizabeth Ellis, Editor, Hong Kong E.E.C. Emily E. Connelly, AudioFile, ME E.E.S. Elaine Sumner, Librarian, RI E.J.F. Elizabeth Fraser, Calgary Public Library, Canada E.Q. Ellen Quint, Writer, NY F.M.R.G. Francisca Goldsmith, AudioFile, MA G.S.D. Gretchen Doege, Writer, WI Continued on page 71 C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA C.G. Carrie Griffin, Writer, PA D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA D.B. Dan Bortolotti, Writer, Canada D.E.M. Dale E. McGarrigle, Writer, ME D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA D.L.G. Diana Granger, Librarian, WI D.L.Y. Don Yarman, Librarian, OH D.M.H. David M. Harris, Writer, TN D.M.W. Danielle M. Walters, Writer, SC J.A.S. James A. Stewart, Writer, PA J.C.G. Jessie Grearson, Writer, ME J.E.C. Jessica Coates, Book Blogger, VA J.E.M Joyce E. McCarty, Audiophile, VA J.M.D. Jennifer M. Dowell, AudioFile, ME J.M.M. John M. Murray, Audiophile, CA J.R.T. Julie Thompson, Librarian, WA K.W. Kathryn Weiss, Audiophile, MN C.B.L. D.M.H. A.D.M. D.L.Y. A.L.C. B.G. D.A.W. E.E.S. D.L.G. K.W. J.M.D. J.E.C. J.E.M. E.C. A.L. E.E.C. J.R.T. B.P. The world of audiobooks is an old friend to me. Coming from a family of avid readers and writers, my upbring- ing was always vibrant with story- telling. When I took a leap of faith to live abroad for the first time in Hong Kong with my husband about a year and a half ago, audiobooks and writ- ing about them was a welcome comfort zone in a then-unfamiliar place. My favorite spot to listen is on the metro, where I can give my eyes a much-need- ed break from the screen that my day job as a communications manager for a local international school requires.

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