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Suzie Althens started listening to audiobooks while driving a school bus along the wintry, mountainous roads of Alaska. "It's a long run, 50 miles out there and back, and other drivers were saying how they were enjoying listening to stories. So I started listening, and I was just enraptured by this form of entertainment that would allow me to drive safely, and actually keep me more alert. The more I listened, the more I could sense that these narrators were having an awful lot of fun." This led Suzie to wonder whether she could do that. She started by volunteering for Learning Ally, where she was told that she was one of their top narrators, and that her voice was "wooing reluctant readers. It was the biggest compliment to have that kind of response!" She transitioned into working as a professional narrator, and while Suzie drives the bus just once a week now, she still finds time to listen. "I enjoy being part of the community as a driver. In a way, narrating is a community service, too."—Jennifer M. Dowell Suzie Althens Narrator Glacier View, Alaska "I was enraptured by this form of entertainment." Listening With . . . Fred Hirschmann Photography 72 n AudioFile/

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