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April/May 2018 n 69 • Check your public library—includ- ing its website—to see if SYNC is represented there, or talk with your librarian. We publish a toolkit for each season (it's on the SYNC website, too) that public and school libraries use to promote the program. If you see SYNC print brochures at your library, take one and put it where your teen can discover it. (Breakfast table? On top of the dryer he's sup- posed to empty? Attached to the magnetic clip that holds the take-out menus to the fridge?) Be casual about this breadcrumb. • Ask if teachers at your teens' school have mentioned SYNC in the class- room. Many do encourage use of the program because the SYNC selections are chosen with an awareness of aca- demic needs as well as teen interest, and all students in the class can be guaran- teed a copy they can listen to and keep. • If your teen's school makes summer reading a requirement and publishes their own list, check those titles against what's on tap this SYNC season. You may well find one or two titles in both places, and can remark that the listen- ing alternative is a fun way for teens to complete a summer assignment while exercising, doing chores, walking to work, or relaxing at home before sleep. THANK YOU to our partners who make SYNC possible! The SYNC program would not be possible without the generous support of our publishing partners. • Find a title on the list that truly intrigues you, download it for your- self, and let your teen catch you listening. Sampling your audiobook may be enough motivation for her to try other downloads from SYNC. • If your teen listens to a SYNC title and is disappointed, ask why and lis- ten closely. Was it the content? The type of story? Or the time or effort listening took? Once you understand the challenge, there's an opportunity to explore upcoming alternatives with your teen. Some people prefer full-cast performances to single readers; some are unaccustomed to certain literary genres and want a more relatable story. The list is rich with variety, and each SYNC season is created as a whole to be inclusive of performance and genre types— because we know not everything is for everyone. For titles and their download dates, see page 71. Continued on page 71 Find a SYNC title that intrigues you . . . let your teen catch you listening.

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