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THE HAZEL WOOD Melissa Albert Read by Rebecca Soler Narrator Rebecca Soler sets an appro- priate tone and perspective for Alice, a 17-year-old who is filled with discom- fort and anger. This is the case, in part, because Alice's mother, Ella, continually moves her from one place to the next without reason or warn- ing. Soler also portrays the tension that comes from Alice's unresolved feel- ings about her estranged grandmother, who writes dark fairy tales she's never b e e n a l l o w e d t o r e a d . Alice's cynicism turns to fear and confusion when odd characters appear in her world and Ella disappears. Alice finds comfort from her caring friend, Finch, who knows the stories she has not been allowed to read. The suspense heightens when Alice is plunged into her grandmother's sinister fairy-tale world and must tell her own story. S.W. Macmillan Audio 10.5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781427293534 $39.99 (also DD) ROSEMARKED Livia Blackburne Read by Vikas Adam, Angela Lin Two narrators present this young adult fantasy. Seventeen-year-old healer Zivah becomes infected by the Rose plague, which will lead to her inevitable death. But when the Amparan Empire becomes a threat to her land, she must rally and use her potions to disguise a soldier named Dineas so he can spy on the enemy army. Narrator Angela Lin beautifully portrays the tumultuous emotions of Zivah as she deals with her predetermined death, trai- torous activities, and her loving feelings toward Dineas. Narrator Vikas Adams creates a multifaceted voice for Dineas, switching from a youthful tone while he's under the influence of a potion that erases memories to a deep and hardened tone for the young soldier. Listeners will be intrigued by this story of war, friend- ship, and love. M.D. Recorded Books 11.25 hrs. Unabridged Ages 14+ Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9781501967917 $97.75 (also DD) SHADOWHOUSE FALL: Shadowshaper Cypher, Book 2 Daniel José Older Read by Anika Noni Rose Narrator Anika Noni Rose casts her own shadow magic as she reunites with newly minted shadowshapers Sierra Santiago and her family and friends. As the teens explore their nascent powers, they unite to face social issues affecting their Brooklyn community, such as police harassment. A girl connected with the Sorrows appears with a cryptic message about a potent item called the Deck of Worlds. The reality of how much they still don't know about the deadly power struggle they're enmeshed in hits hard and leaves them with few trustworthy allies. Rose exudes their hope, anger, and exhilaration. Listeners will eagerly antici- pate the next installment. J.R.T. Scholastic Audiobooks 9.25 hrs. Unabridged Ages 12+ Trade Ed.: DD ISBN 9781338191370 $27.99 TESS OF THE ROAD Rachel Hartman Read by Katharine McEwan Listeners might be forgiven for not immediately liking protagonist Tess, since, as it turns out, she doesn't like her- self very much either. Katharine McEwan gives voice to 17-year-old Tess, who is sti- fled by society and by a strict upbringing, effectively communicating her anger and deep hurt. Tess inhabits the same world created by author Hartman in Seraphina—a world shared by humans, intelligent dragons, and quigutl, their lizard-like relatives. McEwan handles the many invented words and the lisping speech of Tess's quig friend, Pathka, with aplomb. McEwan is an empathetic guide as Tess begins an epic journey both literal and emotional, one that gradually exposes the roots of her anger and hurt. Tess's journey is deeply affecting, and listeners will be glad to have traveled the road with her. J.M.D. Listening Library 16.25 hrs. Unabridged Ages 14+ Trade Ed.: DD ISBN 9781524779542 $27.50 Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9781524779559 $70.00 (also DD) EVERLESS Sara Holland Read by Eileen Stevens Listeners will be drawn in and left wanting more by Eileen Stevens's engrossing narration of Sara Holland's fantasy, the first of a pair. Jules is a girl from the kingdom of Sempera, where blood is the source of both money and time and the poor people's only hope for survival is to sell their future years. Jules returns to Everless, the capital, in spite of her dying father's warning not to try to save his life. There she begins to face both forgotten hopes and unimagined dangers. Stevens excels in por- traying the characters' emotions, especially Jules's. The teen's longing when speaking to Roan and her worry about her father are especially well done. Listeners will eagerly await the next installment. E.J.F. Harper Audio 10 hrs. Unabridged Ages 12+ Trade Ed.: DD ISBN 9780062821898 $26.99 Young Adult Listeners will be drawn in and left wanting more. April/May 2018 n 33 Watch narrator videos at category/behind-the-mic BEHIND THE MIC

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