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February/March 2018 n 71 Reviewers Continued K.M.P. Katie Polley, Librarian, MN K.S.B. Kate Budries, Librarian, NC K.S.M. Kate S. McDonald, Educator, CT K.W. Kathryn Weiss, Audiophile, MN L.B.F. Leslie B. Fine, Educator, NY L.E. Lance Eaton, Writer, MA L.M.A. Lee M. Arly, Audiophile, AK L.T. Lisa Taylor, Librarian, FL M.B.K. Miriam B. Kahn, Librarian, OH M.D. Maria Dietrich, Librarian, WI M.F. Maya Fleischmann, Writer, VA M.M.G. Michelle Goggins, Audiophile, MT M.P.P. Michele P. Penn, Audiophile, NJ M.R. Mohana Rajakumar, Qatar University, Qatar M.S. Michael Sangiacomo, Plain Dealer, OH N.E.M. Nancy E. McCarty, Educator, PA N.M. Natalie Marshall, Librarian, GA R.C.G. Richard C. Gotshall, Retired Journalist, IN R.I.G. Robert I. Grundfest, Educator, NJ R.O. Randy O'Brien, Educator, TN R.W.S. Richard W. Stim, Producer, CA S.B. Stephanie Baker, Audiophile, MA S.C.A. Susan C. Awe, Librarian, NM S.E.G. Sara E. Grimm, Librarian, IL S.G. Sharon Grover, Retired Librarian, WI S.G.B. Susan G. Baird, Librarian, IL S.J.H. S.J. Henschel, Editor, NY S.P.C. Stephen Cummings, Audiophile, IA S.W. Susie Wilde, Writer, NC T.D. Terry Delaney, Editor, MO T.E.C. Traci Currie, Educator, MI T.W. Thomas Walken, Writer, NC V.C. Veronica Crisler, Writer, TN W.A.G. William A. Giwertz, Educator, CA helping good listeners find the best titles M.P.P. V.C. M.F. K.S.B. M.M.G. K.W. S.C.A. S.E.G. W.A.G.

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