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One of the reasons for the popularity of audiobooks these days is the pace of our lives. With our busy schedules, and competing media and entertainment choices, we give "time to read" a special place, yet we are increasingly challenged to make that time. Enter audiobooks: Having an audiobook at the ready—on a phone or in the car—gives us all the opportunity to grab more time with books, and to finish more of them than we might otherwise do. All in all, a win-win. At the start of every busy year, I take some downtime to muse about goals for the AudioFile team. Sometimes these are very specific. For 2017, we wanted to expand the number of people receiving our newsletter, and I'm happy to report that more than 10,000 new listeners signed up to get our weekly Enews. We expanded our blog with 5 contributing bloggers, and increased our Twitter engagement by 24%. We also launched our newest creative project, The Download podcast. Our goal for 2018? I call it "Heart and Soul." No, not the piano duet, and yes, much harder to define than numbers of newsletter sign-ups! I'm thinking of the energy and enthusiasm that goes into the creation of audiobooks and AudioFile's celebration of them. This is not a num- bers goal, yet it is overwhelmingly important to our business plan, since it signifies our unwavering belief in the creative achievement of audiobooks—and the many talented authors, narrators, producers and engineers who make audiobooks what they are. We match their passion with our own work to find and recommend the best listening. As we focus on "heart and soul," the AudioFile team has already begun another exciting year of engaging listeners across digital, print, and social media platforms. Tell us what "Heart & Soul" in audiobooks means to you! Heart & Soul Editor's Notes Photo by Kevin Brusie Robin Whitten Editor and Founder February/March 2018 n 5 AudioFile Online Blog: Facebook: Twitter: SoundCloud:

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