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"This is the merging of my two great passions— reading and quilting," says Susan Sanders. "I love that I can do both at the same time—since there's never enough time for either." Sanders is a lifelong voracious reader ("I always have one print book, one kindle book, and two audiobooks going—one for the car, and one for quilting.") Sanders is not usually a multitasker, but listening to audiobooks and quilting blend seamlessly for her—something she happily discovered back in 1993 when she listened to To Kill a Mockingbird on cassette. Reviewing her detailed book lists (she keeps meticulous records, and each year hundreds of friends eagerly await her "Best Books of the Year" list), she says that the books she listens to are often the most memorable. "It's as though the book's meaning gets stitched into the quilt," she says. "My quilts are infused with the stories I'm listening to." —Jessie C. Grearson Susan Sanders Maine Coast Quilts Falmouth, Maine Listening With . . . Photo by Kevin Brusie 72 n AudioFile/

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