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"When I work, painting and drawing in my studio, if I listen to music, I lose track of time altogether," artist Daniel Minter told us. "But if I listen to audiobooks, I don't seem to lose track so much. My mind is much more active if I'm listening to a book." When he's working on fine art paintings, Minter prefers listening to science fiction. "Something that's fairly gripping, but that I won't feel too bad if I miss parts of." For illustration work, he often chooses audiobooks like Walter Mosley's Easy Rawlins series. Recently, when Minter was illustrating a children's book about Sojourner Truth, he turned to a biography about his subject. "I really enjoyed listening to that while I created my sketches and concepts for the book. The story is very poetic, and though it has factual information in it, it's not about the facts; it's about the emotions and the journey of her life. Listening to the audiobook filled in so many of the details so that I could concentrate on the poetic imagery."—Jennifer M. Dowell Photo by Kevin Brusie 72 n AudioFile/ Listening With . . . Daniel Minter Painter & Illustrator Portland, Maine

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