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Independent Publishers & Authors Ireland's ancient gold rush, and loyalty faces off against greed. 2200 BCE: Changes rocking the Continent reach Eire with the dawning Bronze Age. Tensions between new and old cultures and between Boann, Elcmar, and her son Aengus, ultimately explode. What emerges from the rubble of battle are the legends of Ireland's beginnings in a totally new light. BENDING THE BOYNE By J.S. Dunn, Read by Tim Gerard Reynolds; Produced by Brick Shop Audio Generation Award 2011 Next SERIOUSLY GOOD BOOKS Next Generation Award, Historical Fiction, 2011 The incredible story and miraculous work of a remarkable woman. Barbara Arrowsmith-Young was born with severe learning disabilities. Undaunted, she used her strengths to develop brain exercises to conquer her neurological deficits—building herself a better brain and a brain training program that has helped thousands of others do the same. THE WOMAN WHO CHANGED HER BRAIN By Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, read by Lisa Bunting POST HYPNOTIC PRESS Available Now / $40.00 Audiobook / $26.00 MP3 An American President nearly dies on a disastrous journey through the Brazilian jungle on the River of Doubt. Travel with President Roosevelt and hear this incredible adventure in his own words. THROUGH THE BRAZILIAN WILDERNESS By Theodore Roosevelt, Read by Andre Stojka LISTEN2READ Available as an Audio Download, Mp3CD and Library/Gift Edition CD. To see pictures of this adventure, listen to preview sound tracks or purchase, visit: Maximillian Bacchus is the ringmaster, ruler, guide, and owner of what he considers the greatest show in the world. Traveling with a crocodile named Malachi, a trapeze girl named Ophelia, a strongman they call Hero, and a clown named Domingo de Ybarrondo, who paints in a wagon pulled by a giant ibis, the troupe wanders from adventure to adventure with mythic aplomb. THE ADVENTURES OF MR. MAXIMILLIAN BACCHUS AND HIS TRAVELLING CIRCUS By Clive Barker, Narrated by Bruce Donnelly CROSSROAD PRESS/Produced on ACX.COM Available now / $4.86 Audible member price October/November 2012 s 5 ISBN: 978-0-9837344-1-3 ISBN: 978-0983155416 CD ISBN: 9781927401293

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