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2016 Best Audiobooks "I love the idea that the life of your dreams might just be the one you are living." —Tanya Eby THE GIRL OF HIS DREAMS Susan Mallory Read by Tanya Eby (Harlequin Audio/Blackstone Audio) GLITTERLAND Alexis Hall Read by Nicholas Boulton (Hedgehog Inc. Productions) THE HUNTER Kerrigan Byrne Read by Derek Perkins (Tantor Media) THE PERKS OF LOVING A SCOUNDREL Jennifer McQuiston Read by Lana J. Weston (Harper Audio) SWEET GONE SOUTH Alicia Hunter Pace Read by Amy Rubinate (Insatiable Press) SWEET TOMORROWS Debbie Macomber Read by Lorelei King (Random House Audio/Books on Tape) Romance

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