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Young Adult MASTER OF DECEIT: J. Edgar Hoover and America in the Age of Lies Marc Aronson Read by Luke Daniels Luke Daniels adopts a serious and authoritative reportorial tone to deliver Aronson's important biography of J. Edgar Hoover and chronicle of his influ- ence on the U.S. The resul t is a fascinating, and sometimes sinister, doc- umentary—and a call to action for teens to educate themselves about today's governments and the people who occupy positions of power. Aronson engages with his teen audience by connecting the history to things they're more familiar wi th—9/11, the Patriot Act—and Daniels's strong, compelling reading drives the narrative. Well-done bonus material makes available the same pho- tos and documents from the print book, complete with audio captions narrated by Daniels. Endnotes, read by the author, are personal and fascinating. There's plenty to learn, and plenty to think about, for teens and adults alike. J.M.D. Brilliance Audio/ Candlewick 5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD (also MP3 Library Ed.: CD (also MP3 , DD ISBN 9781455851874 $25.99 ) , PRE ISBN 9781455851997 $56.97 ) DEATH ON A SOUTHERN BREEZE Mark de Castrique Read by William Dufris William Dufris manages to shift with ease f rom the Yankee accent of Pinkerton detective Jonathan Ward to the soft drawls of Southern military school cadet Jeb Bennett and his sister, Rachael Leigh. De Castrique's young adult mystery is set during the open- ing stages of the Civil War. A slave, a free black woman, a Scottish couple, and others are among the murder suspects on a train to Charleston. De Castrique blends a host of historical details: the Underground Railroad, the birth of photography, and the credo of Florence Nightingale. Dufris relays them effortlessly without lecturing, keeping the suspense taut and the characters up front. D.P.D. Blackstone Audiobooks 5.5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Library Ed.: CD (also CS , MP3 , PRE ) ISBN 9781455120017 $49.00 , DD IN DARKNESS Nick Lake Read by Benjamin L. Darcie Benjamin L. Darcie brings a rich Haitian accent to his performance of this story about Shorty, a teen trapped in a hospi- tal after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Shorty's grim present bleeds into the past and the story of revolutionary leader Toussaint L'Ouverture. Darcie reads the chapters in the present at a slightly fast pace and the chapters about L'Ouverture a bit more slowly, helping to distinguish between the two t ime periods— although it takes careful listening to keep them straight. This is partly because Shorty and L'Ouverture seem to share a mystical connection that is perhaps only in Shorty's mind as he slowly loses his grip on reality. This graphic and occa- sionally disturbing production isn't for all YA listeners but will appeal to those looking for something challenging. A.F. Brilliance Audio 9 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD (also MP3 Library Ed.: CD (also MP3 , DD ) June/July 2012 s 61 ISBN 9781455877034 $24.99 ) ISBN 9781455877065 $59.97 LENOBIA'S VOW P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast Read by Caitlin Davies After the death of Lenobia's legitimately born sister, Cecile, their mother seizes the opportunity to send the illegitimate Lenobia to a better life in America in Cecile's place. As Lenobia boards a ship bound from her native French vi l lage to New Or leans in 1788, narrator Caitlin Davies gently balances the emotional tenors of her journey with convincing French and Creole accents. Davies easily conveys the apprehension Lenobia feels as she must deceive everyone around her as well as the terror she experiences when a lecherous bishop who knows her true identity also boards the ship. Listeners will find themselves most captivated, though, by the tender love that Lenobia develops with a Creole horse hand named Martin. J.M. Macmillan Audio 3.5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781427215048 $14.99 (also DD ) STEALING FREEDOM Elisa Carbone Read by Robin Miles In this story of a young girl's escape from slavery via the Underground Railroad—based on the true story of Ann Maria Weems—Robin Miles brings the struggles and triumphs of one slave family to life with her expressive voice and emotional reading. Miles captures the vocal cadences of these Maryland slaves, and her deep tones, even and tempered but never meek, transport the listener into their lives. The stilted Irish brogue of the Prices, the family that owns Ann and her family, is a counterpoint to the voices of the close-knit Weems family. As Ann, assisted by abolitionists, makes her escape to Canada, she encounters many who help her—from the lawyer Mr. Bigelow, who is portrayed in a straightforward, relaxed voice, to the minister who accompanies Ann on the train across the border, whose voice is alternately weary and full of excitement at his part in securing her freedom. E.N. AudioGO 7 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9781935430582 $49.95 (also DD ) Robin Miles brings the struggles and triumphs of one slave family to life.

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