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Young Adult CIRCLE NINE Anne Heltzel Read by Julia Whelan Abby, who wakes up outside a burning building with no memory of her past, is pulled into Sam's life and his home in a cave after he rescues her and becomes her family—until she starts to see through the lies he has woven around her. Julia Whelan delivers Abby's words with the innocence of a girl who can't remember who she is or where she comes from; Sam's voice is deeper and gruff, with a slow pace and a slight accent. As Abby begins to remember her past life and discover the truth about herself, Whelan changes her pacing and pitches Abby's voice higher to convey her agitation before settling down into a more mature, determined tone as Abby comes to grips with what she must do. E.N. Brilliance Audio/ Candlewick 7 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD (also MP3 Library Ed.: CD (also MP3 , DD ) ISBN 9781455822126 $22.99 ) ISBN 9781455822133 $49.97 FEVER: The Chemical Garden Trilogy, Book 2 Lauren DeStefano Read by Angela Lin Having escaped from forced polygamy in Wither, Rhine and her attendant, Gabriel, seek out the twin brother she had to leave behind. As Rhine evades imprisonment only to be thrust into a prostitution ring, narrator Angela Lin's somber voice perfectly embodies her downward spiral into hope l e s sne s s . Lin' s solemn tones draw listen- ers deeply into Rhine's despondency as she finally returns to Manhattan, only to find her brother is gone without a trace. As Rhine' s emotional pain manifests in a physical ailment, Lin's even tone and pacing highlight Rhine's shocking blackouts, pain, and refusal to return to her life as First Wife, even to prevent her own death. Listeners will be avidly antici- pating the climax of the Chemical Garden Trilogy. J.M. Recorded Books 9.5 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Library Ed.: CD (also CS , MP3 ISBN 9781456120559 $77.75 , DD , PRE ) EVERNEATH Brodi Ashton Read by Amy Rubinate In a new twist on the classic Hades/ Persephone myth, contemporary teen Nikki has been given a six-month reprieve from the Everneath to tie up the loose ends in her life. Narrator Amy Rubinate's slightly breathy voice captures Nikki as she tries to resume her friendships and fami l ial relat ion- ships, and to reconcile with Jack, the boy whose memory helped her to maintain her ident i ty during her century-long imprisonment below. As Nikki and Jack search for a way to escape her obligation to the Everneath, Rubinate evokes Nikki's despair, her longing to stay with Jack, and her destructive fascination with Cole, the boy who originally lured her to her doom. Rubinate's charismatic nar- ration delivers the sweeping romance of this taut mythological tale. J.M. Harper Audio 10 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: DD (also PRE ISBN 9780062120663 $18.99 ) "YA books have an immediacy and urgency to them. There's no discreet distance between reader and characters; you have to climb right into the story." —Amy Rubinate EARTHSEED Pamela Sargent Read by Amy Rubinate Twenty-nine years after its original publication in print, Earthseed, as performed by Amy Rubinate, justifies the wait. Born in space and raised by Ship's mind core, Zoheret and dozens of other 15- year-olds will soon seed a new planet with human life. Rubinate imbues each character with a per- sonality that enhances the dynamic and carefully crafted interpersonal conflicts of the characters. Zoheret's voice begins soft and meek but tightens and grows cold with cruel experience. Ship's computer voice is stilted yet compelling, a testament to Rubinate's skill. The third-person point of view, with diction halfway between computer- ized and human, is an inspired choice that hints at the story's conclusion and resonates with its themes of evolution and free will. A.M.P. Blackstone Audiobooks 8 hrs. Unabridged Young Adult Trade Ed.: CD Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9781455118335 $29.95 (also MP3 ISBN 9781455118328 $69.00 (also CS , DD ) , MP3 , DD , PRE ) Amy Rubinate's performance of Earthseed justifies the wait. 60 s AudioFile/

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