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Audiobooks on the Go GUYS LISTEN These are definitely for the guys. Hilarious high jinks surround- ing the acquisition of money or fame are perfectly interpreted by narrators who have made their mark by captur- ing the humorous antics of the adolescent male. Give these to reluc- tant middle school readers—they'll hoot with laughter. If you like . . . • Action-packed • Fast-paced • Angst-filled • Funny • Offbeat JEREMY BENDER VS. THE CUPCAKE CADETS Eric Luper, read by Lincoln Hoppe Sixth-grader Jeremy Bender devises a plan to win $500 by entering the Windjammer Whirl model sailboat race. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to the Cupcake Cadets, an all-girls group. Hoppe creates hilariously ridiculous girlish voices for Jeremy and his friend, Slater, as they join the troop and attempt to pass for girls. Listening Library Unabridged Gr. 3+ Trade Ed.: CD Library Ed.: CD , DD MASTERS OF DISASTER Gary Paulsen, read by Nick Podehl Nick Podehl maximizes the story's humor without cracking himself up as he portrays three 12-year-olds who are embarking on "dangerous missions." Podehl excels at the breakneck speed of all the breakneck adventures. Brilliance Audio Unabridged Gr. 3+ Trade Ed.: CD Library Ed.: CD , MP3 , MP3 , DD , DD , PRE GIRL POWER Teen experiences are difficult enough without your mother having a mental breakdown. Add the inability of your father to deal with the circumstances and you have all the makings for a tumultuous situation. How these two young women work through their emotional difficulties is ably illuminated by deliberately paced, sympathetic narration. If you like . . . • Character-driven • Angst-filled • Emotionally intense • Reflective • Thoughtful "This morning, my mother didn't get out of bed." —From Saving Francesca ONCE WAS LOST Sara Zarr, read by Sara Zarr Sam is a teenager with adult responsibili- ties. Zarr's portrayal of Sam depicts how hard being a teen can be. The author gives an intimate and searching performance of a young person too soon thrust into an adult world. Listening Library Unabridged Gr. 7+ Trade Ed.: CD Library Ed.: CD , DD SAVING FRANCESCA Melina Marchetta, read by Rebecca Macauley Francesca doesn't really need saving, even though it seems her life is going down the loo. Rebecca Macauley pauses often, allow- ing the listener to absorb the strong emotions Francesca experiences and to catch a breath after laughing hard at the sit- uations she gets into. Bolinda Audio Unabridged Gr. 9+ Library Ed.: CD , MP3 , DD April/May 2012 s 25

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