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the concept, we wanted to keep it sleek, minimalist, and intuitive to use," says Alfonsi. How difficult was it to pull off? "It was a massive amount of both coding and content creation. Of course, the chance to work on Midnight closely with the author has been one of those defining experiences. To be sitting with him, listening to cassette tapes of the recorded interviews he conducted with Jim Williams, the book's main character, or to have him in the recording studio as the actors are performing his words—it was pretty surreal. But doing justice to the story is the single most important theme that unifies every element of a Metabook—technological, aesthetic, or otherwise." Having now produced a stunning and original book app platform, Alfonsi is firmly impressed by the talent within the audiobook industry. He's worked with director/performer Robin Miles and with main narrator Jonathan Davis, along with narrators Dylan Baker, Laverne Cox, Edoardo Ballerini, Barbara Rosenblat, and Dion Graham, among others. Says Davis, "Great. Loved this project. Unique and masterful." Alfonsi adds, "After the cast was onboard, there was a lot of virtual brainstorming and files going back and forth at all hours between New York, where all the actors recorded their parts, and L.A., where composer Jacob Yoffee and sound designer Brian Golub were located. Now we're all fueled by a passion for this, and we're excited for more titles to follow." Those will be new, original works, with time-consuming attention limiting the number of titles as compared to traditional audiobooks. In the meantime, the first Metabook is now at the iTunes App Store for $9.99. As for author John Berendt's reaction to the coolness factor: "Metabook is visionary.Exceptionally conceived and superbly carried out—it catapults publishing to a whole new level." And while such new technology may seem scary, audiobook narrators have nothing to fear . . . at least until a hard A.I. arises sometime after 2045!—Jonathan Lowe MIDNIGHT IN THE GARDEN OF GOOD AND EVIL John Berendt Read by Dylan Baker, Laverne Cox, Barbara Rosenblat, Dion Graham, and a Full Cast Antiques dealer Jim Williams stands trial for the 1981 murder of 21-year-old hustler Danny Hansford in the historic city of Savannah— but did he do it? This strange true story of an eccentric Southern gentleman reads like a locked-room mystery, complete with conflicting evidence and colorful characters who are either proud or deluded, or both. What the story gains in this full-cast medium cannot be overstated. The atmospheric extras—including an e-book version, interactive visuals, interviews, and more—all point fingers of intrigue toward the core of the production: the superb performances by Jonathan Davis, Robin Miles, Laverne Cox, and others. Davis plays straight man to a party of offbeat character interpretations, seamlessly weaving in and out of the story. Tone is a weapon all the narrators use for the purpose of delivering a unique, all-encompassing experience. J.L. Metabook 15 hrs. Unabridged E-book app: $9.99 A unique, all-encompassing experience. October/November 2015 n 47 Metabook™ publisher Ken Siman with actress Laverne Cox, who voices The Lady Chablis in the audio drama, at the launch party for the Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Metabook™ app for iPad and iPhone Menu selections for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Metabook™ app for iPad and iPhone

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