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Reviewers October/November 2015 n 9 Continued on page 71 A.B. Anna Broome, Audiophile, ME A.C.P. Anne Cole Pierce, Audiophile, FL A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME A.F. Adrienne Furness, Maplewood Community Library, NY A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE A.L.H. Albert L. Holtz, Audiophile, MI A.R. Ann Ritchie, Educator, MA B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Writer, NY B.P. Brian Price, Producer, IN C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT C.A.T. Catherine Thompson, Audiophile, UK C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA D.E.M. Dale McGarrigle, Writer, ME D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA D.M.H. David M. Harris, Writer, TN D.M.W. Danielle M. Walters, Writer, SC D.R.W. Don Wismer, Cary Memorial Library, ME E.E. Elizabeth Ellis, Editor, TN E.E.S. Elaine Sumner, Librarian, RI E.M.C. Emily Childress-Campbell, Librarian, NC E.N. Elizabeth Nelson, Librarian, IL F.C. Federico Cheever, Educator, CO D.R.W. B.G. A.F. Subscribe now and get TWO years of AudioFile magazine (12 issues) and Full Access to JUST $26.95 for 2 years 800-506-1212 FIND YOUR NEXT GREAT AUDIOBOOK While we work with more than 100 reviewers, we are always interested in new reviewers. We value fresh opinions across all genres. If you are a very active listener, have writing experience, and are interested in discussing the audiobook performance in 125 words or less—you are wel- come to apply to editor Robin Whitten, Want to be part of AudioFile's review team?

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