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"I am such a proselytizer for audiobooks," Steve Leveen tells us. "Audiobooks have done so much to change my life, and it's hard for me to conceive of my reading life without them. People think if they don't have a long commute, then they're not good candidates for audiobooks. I actually don't drive at all, and I listen to audiobooks all over the house. When I'm in book- love with an audiobook, which is more or less all the time, I'll look for things to do. Normally, I'll listen when I'm washing dishes, or washing my car, or washing down a boat, but when I'm really hooked on a book, I'll look for other cars to wash; I'll walk down the street and ask people if they need their dog walked. I'll listen to my book first thing in the morning when I'm making coffee. It's surprising how much enjoyment and progress you can make in your reading in those moments throughout the day." —Jennifer M. Dowell Steve Leveen Co-Founder and CEO, Levenger Delray Beach, Florida Listening With . . . Photo by Beverly Raphael Altman 72 ■ AudioFile/ " Audiobooks have done so much to change my life." Steve and Lori Leveen in Casco Viejo, Panamá

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