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Listening With . . . Michele L. Cobb APA President & AudioFile Publisher Providence, Rhode Island When we asked APA President Michele Cobb to explain why people should listen to audiobooks, her answer was personal. "For me, it's multitasking. We are so busy as a society, and we just don't have the time that we had as kids to read. I remember reading basically a book a day as a young person, and there's no way to absorb that much today. But you can multitask, and especially with mobile phones, I can listen in line at the post office, while I'm waiting to get on an airplane, while I'm folding laundry." She's not the only one who benefits from listening time. "I commute with my five-and-a-half-yearold, so we go back and forth between listening to books for her and books for me." Michele says that her daughter has been listening "from the womb on up! We listened to Roots when she was in the womb. I actually attribute her stellar reading skills in part to how many audiobooks we've listened to."—Jennifer M. Dowell Photo by G. Robinson Whitten "I love a good thriller." 72 I AudioFile/

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