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A good book read by a talented narrator is a beautiful thing, but a good book performed by a full cast of talented narrators can bring a whole new dimension to the listening experience. Here are a few examples where the full cast really elevates the audiobook. Audiobooks and Literacy 6 Full-Cast Audiobooks for Kids NEW KID Jerry Craft, read by Jesus Del Orden, Nile Bullock, Robin Miles, Guy Lockard, et al. Jordan is anxious about starting seventh grade at an upscale private school where he is one of only a few kids of color. This audiobook is based on a graphic novel, but what is lost without the illustrations is made up for by immersive sound effects, music, and a dramatic reading by a full cast. Harper Audio Unabridged Ages 8+ Trade Ed.: DD THE NEXT GREAT PAULIE FINK Ali Benjamin, read by Cassandra Morris, Zach Villa, Cameron Bowen, Adam McArthur When legendary prankster Paulie Fink doesn't return for seventh grade, his class- mates miss him so much that they hold a contest to name the next great Paulie Fink. Four narrators bring to life an unusual rural school in Vermont as they tell their hilarious stories about the infamous Paulie. Hachette Audio Unabridged Ages 8+ Trade Ed.: CD, DD MAXIMILLIAN FLY Angie Sage, read by Fred Berman, Tavia Gilbert, Sean Welsh Brown, Jennifer Nittoso, Josh Hurley Gentle homebody Maximillian Fly looks like a human-sized cockroach in his bleak dys- topian world. When he harbors two fugitive children, his quiet life takes an adventurous turn. All of the narrators in the ensemble cast contribute to the richness of the story's characters and help listeners keep track of the story's different perspectives. Harper Audio Unabridged Ages 8+ Trade Ed.: DD TO NIGHT OWL FROM DOGFISH Holly Goldberg Sloan, Meg Wolitzer, read by Imani Parks, Cassandra Morris, and a Full Cast. In a story composed entirely of emails and letters, narrators Imani Parks and Cassandra Morris capture the indignation and then increasing enthusiasm of two 12-year-old girls, Avery and Bett, who are thrown together when their fathers enter a relation- ship. Other narrators from the ensemble vividly portray several other memorable characters, including Avery's high-strung father and Bett's lively grandmother. Listening Library Unabridged Ages 10+ Trade Ed.: CD, DD Library Ed.: CD, DD IT WASN'T ME Dana Alison Levy, read by Robbie Daymond, Ramon de Ocampo, Emily Woo Zeller, Jorjeana Marie, Adenrele Ojo, JB Adkins, Caz Harleaux Seven narrators portray a diverse cast of characters in this seventh-grade version of The Breakfast Club. When Theo's photog- raphy project is mysteriously vandalized at school, he and the five suspects must come to school over vacation for "Justice Circle." Robbie Daymond portrays Theo with authenticity and heart. "Status reports" read in the voices of the teacher and each sus- pect help reveal their deeper personalities. Listening Library Unabridged Ages 10+ Trade Ed.: DD Library Ed.: CD, DD SADIE Courtney Summers, read by Rebecca Soler, Dan Bittner, Gabra Zackman, and a Full Cast Winner of the 2019 Odyssey Award and the 2019 Audie Award for Young Adult, Sadie is a tense story of abuse and revenge narrated by a cast of more than 30 voices. The multiple voices bring a whole new dimension to the listening experience, amplifying the power of this unforgettable audiobook. Macmillan Audio Unabridged Ages 14+ Trade Ed.: CD, DD By Sonja Cole 70 n AudioFile/ Jesus Del Orden photo courtesy of Harper Audio, art courtesy of Jerry Craft

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