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FAMILY & COMMUNITY: Grades 9-10+ THE FAULT IN OUR STARS John Green, read by Kate Rudd It's a testament to John Green's writing and Kate Rudd's narration that, in a book about teenagers with cancer, there are still plenty of laugh-out-loud moments. It's a sad, funny, smart, beautiful book—listeners won't be able to help speculating about what's coming and may even wish they could fast-forward to find out, even as they hang on every word. Annie on my Mind Nancy Garden, read by Rebecca Lowman PERSONAL EFFECTS E.M. Kokie, read by Nick Podehl It's spring 2007. Seven months ago T.J. died in Iraq, and his younger brother, Matt, is still grieving. With trouble at school and his dad insisting that he "man up," Matt struggles to control his anger and grief while searching for a way to connect with his big brother. Nick Podehl heightens the story's tension, keeping the listener eager for Matt to find closure. If I Stay Gayle Forman, read by Kirsten Potter Audiobooks on the Go 2013 Ask the Passengers A.S. King, read by Devon Sorvari Carter Finally Gets It Carter's Big Break Brent Crawford, read by Nick Podehl Graffiti Moon Cath Crowley, read by Ben Maclaine, Hamish R. Johnson, Chelsea Bruland Rotters Daniel Kraus, read by Kirby Heyborne Saving Francesca Melina Marchetta, read by Rebecca Macauley Where She Went Gayle Forman, read by Dan Bittner

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