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FAMILY & COMMUNITY: Grades 1-3+ JEREMY BENDER VS. THE CUPCAKE CADETS Eric Luper, read by Lincoln Hoppe Sixth-grader Jeremy Bender devises a plan to win $500 by entering the Windjammer Whirl model sailboat race. Unfortunately, the contest is only open to the Cupcake Cadets, an all-girls group. Hoppe creates hilariously ridiculous girlish voices for Jeremy and his friend, Slater, as they join the troop and attempt to pass for girls. MASTERS OF DISASTER Gary Paulsen, read by Nick Podehl Nick Podehl maximizes the story's humor without cracking himself up as he portrays three 12-year-olds who are embarking on "dangerous missions." Podehl excels at the breakneck speed of all the breakneck adventures. Audiobooks on the Go 2013 Clementine Clementine's Letter The Talented Clementine Clementine: Friend of the Week Sarah Pennypacker, read by Jessica Almasy The Cricket in Times Square George Selden, read by Tony Shalhoub Gooney Bird Collection Lois Lowry, read by Lee Adams Truly Winnie Winnie Dancing on Her Own Winnie at her Best Jennifer Richard Jacobson, read by Laura Hamilton

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