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Rose Heithoff reads a lot, both for her job and for pleasure. The bookstore where she works has a partnership with LibroFM to sell audiobooks, and one of the perks is advance listening copies for book- sellers. "I like to think that I'm an early adopter. I started using the ALCs for what I thought were going to be really big blockbuster reads. The first audiobook that I listened to was Elmet by Fiona Mozley, and I was hooked." From prepping for author events to recommending audiobooks to people heading out on summer road trips, Rose's lis- tening goes a long way. "I talk to customers about as many books as possible, but I'm also able to talk to them about a different way to absorb books."—Jennifer M. Dowell Rose Heithoff Events Coordinator, Print: A Bookstore Portland, Maine Listening With . . . Photo by Kevin Brusie 72 n AudioFile/

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