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4 n AudioFile/ For more information on these titles and other award-winning audio for children ages 3 – 13 please visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-788-1121 Live Oak Media Where Great Children's Books Play Nicely BEFORE SHE WAS HARRIET by Lesa Cline-Ransome illustrated by James E. Ransome read by SiSi Aisha Johnson, January LaVoy, Lisa Renee Pitts & Bahni Turpin 1 hardcover/1 CD: $30.95 9781430131205 SOMEONE NEW by Anne Sibley O'Brien read by Ariana Delawari, Ruth Livier, Ramon de Ocampo, Frankie Corzo & Anne Sibley O'Brien 1 hardcover/1 CD: $30.95 9781430131243 GRANDMA'S TINY HOUSE A Counting Story by Janay Brown-Wood illustrated by Priscilla Burris read by SiSi Aisha Johnson 1 hardcover/1 CD: $29.95 9781430131168 MANGO, ABUELA AND ME MANGO, ABUELA Y YO by Meg Medina illustrated by Angela Dominguez read by Brian, Rosi & Alisa Amador English 1 paperback/1 CD: $19.95 9781430131311 Spanish 1 paperback/1 CD: $19.95 9781430131359 ANNIE AND SIMON by Catharine O'Neill read by Tavia Gilbert & Michael Crouch 1 paperback/1 CD: $19.95 9781430131274 SAMMY KEYES AND THE KILLER CRUISE by Wendelin VanDraanen read by Tara Sands 7 CD Set: $58.95 9781430131083 Recent releases for ages 3-13 FROM LIVE OAK MEDIA Ages 10 up Ages 5-8 Ages 3-8 LOAudiofilead10-18_Layout 1 10/25/18 4:57 PM Page 1 © 2018 by AudioFile ® Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. ISSN 1063-0244. AudioFile is an information source for audiobook reviews and resources. Subscription Information Digital subscriptions ($14.95/year) Print and Digital subscriptions ($36/year) Professional AudioFile PLUS ($60/year) For more details and special offers, contact us. Customer Service 800-506-1212 AudioFile's Mission AudioFile reviews unabridged and abridged audiobooks, original audio programs, commentary and dramatizations in the spoken- word format. Our focus is the audio presentation, not critique of the written material. AudioFile reviewers are listeners in the information, education, and performance fields. All reviews are signed. AudioFile awards Earphones to truly exceptional presentations that excel in all the following criteria: • Narrative voice and style • Vocal characterizations • Appropriateness for the audio format • Enhancement of the text AudioFile ® 37 Silver St., Portland, ME 04101 207-774-7563 / FAX 207-775-3744 Email Subscribers! Full Web site access is part of your AudioFile sub scription. Discover the World of Audiobooks Editor/Founder Publisher Managing Editor Review Editor Production Manager Assistant Editor Editorial Assistant Editorial Assistant Podcast Producer Customer Service Robin F. Whitten Michele L. Cobb Jennifer M. Dowell Elizabeth K. Dodge Jennifer Steele Emily Connelly Joanne Simoneau Alisha Langerman Jessica Lockhart Cheryl Gray Vol. 27, No. 4 Contributing Editors: Caitlin Augusta, Francisca Goldsmith, Priscilla Grant, Sharon Grover, S.J. Henschel, Candace Levy, Josephine Reed, Aurelia C. Scott, Thomas Walken Contributors: Chris Blott, Kevin Brusie

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