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Reviewers While we work with more than 100 reviewers, we are always interested in new reviewers. We value fresh opinions across all genres. If you are a very active listener, have writing experience, and are interested in discussing the audiobook performance in 125 words or less—you are welcome to apply to editor Robin Whitten, Want to be part of AudioFile's review team? December 2018 / January 2019 n 9 A.B. Anna Broome, Audiophile, ME A.C. Arvyn Cerézo, Editor, Philippines A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME A.L. Amanda Lyn, Audiophile, AZ A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE A.L.S.M. Amanda Murphy, Librarian, OH A.M.G. Arlene Griffin, Librarian, TN A.R. Ann Ritchie, Educator, MA A.S. Andrea Smith, Librarian, MN A.T.N. Andy Northrup, Librarian, CT B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Writer, NY B.P. Brian Price, Producer, IN D.P.D. Denise Perry Donavin, Lincoln Township Public Library, MI E.A.N. Lizzie Nolan, San José Public Library, CA E.E. Elizabeth Ellis, Editor, Hong Kong E.E.C. Emily E. Connelly, AudioFile, ME E.J.F. Elizabeth Fraser, Calgary Public Library, Canada E.Q. Ellen Quint, Writer, NY G.M. Gina Monti, Librarian, CT G.S.D. Gretchen Doege, Writer, WI Continued on page 71 Reviewer Spotlight Leslie Burker Fine (L.B.F.) Sonja Cole (S.C.) As a former middle school librarian and author of Booktalking Around the World: Great Global Reads for Ages 9-14, Sonja's mission is to get kids excited about books. For her, a perfect day includes knitting while listening to a brilliantly performed audiobook. In addition to reviewing, Sonja also writes about children and family listening on AudioFile's blog ( category/kids-tweens). C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA D.B. Dan Bortolotti, Writer, ON D.G.P. Diane Gardner Premo, Librarian, NY D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA D.L.G. Diana Granger, Librarian, WI J.A.S. James A. Stewart, Writer, PA J.E.C. Jessica Coates, Book Blogger, VA J.M.D. Jennifer M. Dowell, AudioFile, ME J.M.M. John M. Murray, Audiophile, CA J.P.S. Jonathan Smith, Radio Producer, ME J.R.T. Julie Thompson, Librarian, WA A.S. A.L.C. B.G. D.A.W. J.M.D. J.R.T. J.E.C. B.P. E.E. A.L. G.M. My first job as a high school English teacher offered a 90-minute (one way!) commute—and that is how my love for audiobooks blossomed. Thanks to our public library, I listened to every classic my college literature classes hadn't featured, and the drive time flew by. I still listen in the car—mostly driving to hike in the Adirondacks—and I always have books playing at home, too. Cooking, gardening, sewing, painting... my favorite projects all have audiobook titles attached to them, depending on what I listened to while I worked. Audiobooks make everything that much better! A.R.

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