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AudioFile is all about voices. Of course, that's appropriate, as our main purpose is listening to the voices of the myriad narrators who perform the audiobooks we review. But we also have another crucial layer of voices—those of the discerning listeners who write our reviews. With audio publishers growing their publishing schedules—more than 45,000 audiobooks published in 2017—AudioFile has a greater number of titles to consider for review. As a consequence, the number of reviews we publish has grown by 21 percent in 2018; we publish approximately 50 audiobook reviews per week, and currently we work with nearly 100 reviewers—from many corners of the U.S., and even abroad. Reviewers' professions and interests vary, yet each has a love of the audio medium and the ability to write concisely about audio performance. So with this fall issue, filled with reviews for you to savor, I want to honor their work and the excellent coordination efforts of Assistant Editor Emily Connelly. Emily and I decide with reviewers on their assignments, and Emily manages their delivery and submission to the pre-publication editing process. Every review is credited with the reviewer's initials, and their full names and select profiles appear in the Reviewers' section of the magazine and website. Some reviewers, including Miriam Kahn, Susan Baird, and Don Wismer, have written for AudioFile since the 1990s. It's hard to imag- ine the hours of listening they've put in but their energy for reviewing has not flagged. And in the past year we've welcomed more than a dozen new reviewers. Among them: Sonja Cole, who also contributes to AudioFile's blog, is the author of a video blog and a book on Booktalking; Sarah Hashimoto is a librarian in Mississippi with plenty of experience on audiobook award committees; Amanda Gordon lives in Arizona and is a romance audiobook fan with a passion for historical romances; Jonathan Smith hails from public broadcasting, and will also contribute to AudioFile's podcast. Which brings me to the latest angle on AudioFile's "voices." After months of experimentation and research, AudioFile has launched Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine. Each weekday you can hear podcast host Jo Reed chat with an AudioFile editor or reviewer about their audiobook pick of the day. Please check it out—on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts. Leave a comment or rating on iTunes to help us spread the word. Now, welcome to this rich new season of audiobook voices! A League of Voices Editor's Notes Photo by Kevin Brusie Robin Whitten Editor and Founder Inside Track Behind the Mic with AudioFile Magazine Subscribe to our new podcast! October/November 2018 n 5 podcast

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