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SOUTHERNMOST Silas House Read by Charlie Thurston Narrator Charlie Thurston deftly nav- igates this road story of a father and son on the run. Silas House's depiction of conflicted evangelical faith in the South begins with Pastor Asher Sharp, who makes an offer to help a gay couple fol- lowing a flood and then loses his job and, after a messy divorce, custody of his pre- c o c i o u s 9 - y e a r - o l d s o n , Justin, because of this act of kindness. Thurston's perfor- mance evokes both empathy and anger in the listener. He uses a soft Southern accent as Asher escapes to the Florida Keys. The novel begins a bit slowly but, as performed by Thurston, is in the end shocking and emotionally satisfying. Thurston's evocative performance leaves the listener filled with a potent combina- tion of hope, joy, and sadness. R.O. HighBridge Audio 8.25 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781684411849 $39.99 (also DD) THE MERE WIFE Maria Dahvana Headley Read by Susan Bennett Susan Bennett masterfully narrates a stun- ning retelling of Beowulf that confronts all manner of monsters. Dana Mills went away to war and came back with a son she has to keep safe from everything; Willa Herot lives at Herot Hall with a son who has been given everything. Bennett portrays a wide cast of characters, including both Dana and Willa, and does a particularly good job teasing out the nuances in the rage that propels both women to the inevitable bloody climax. Dana's rage is jagged and immediate and laced with fear, but Willa's rage is cold and buried deep within her, and all the more terrifying when it's finally let loose. Powerful, upsetting, and unforgettable, Bennet's narration is stag- geringly potent. K.M.P. Macmillan Audio 9 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781427297839 $44.99 (also DD) RUST & STARDUST T. Greenwood Read by Thérèse Plummer Greenwood reimagines the real-life abduction and subsequent captivity of young Sally Horner, which began in 1948 and ended in early 1950. Narrator Thérèse Plummer's striking charac- terizations and focused tone immerse listeners in the rapidly changing charac- ters and settings. Although the subject matter is disturbing, Greenwood's sty- listic choices and Plummer's steadfast narration are measures of respect for the listener and the victim, providing both informative and imaginative details to enhance a story that is vivid but not overly graphic. This audio is ideal for fans of true crime and Nabokov's Lolita, which was inspired by Sally's story. K.S.B. Macmillan Audio 10.5 hrs. Unabridged Trade: CD ISBN 9781427297778 $45.99 (also DD) Fiction October/November 2018 n 29 CLOCK DANCE Anne Tyler Read by Kimberly Farr Narrator Kimberly Farr delivers a sub- tle, often wry portrayal of Willa Drake. We experience Willa's child's-eye view of her parents' marriage; her own youthful marriage, motherhood, and early widowhood; and her older years as a conciliator who tries to soothe everyone, especially, Peter, husband #2. When her son's ex-girlfriend, a woman she has never met, is shot, Willa insists they fly to Baltimore to help. Farr delivers Willa's interior monologues with a wonderful combination of angst and humor; Peter, son Sean, and each of the Baltimore neighbors have distinct personalities, and Farr is a credible precocious 9-year-old. Beautifully written and performed, Anne Tyler's novel reminds us that families come in all shapes and sizes and that not all those we call family are bound to us by biology. S.J.H. Random House Audio 9.25 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9780525633433 $40.00 (also DD) Books on Tape Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9780525633457 $40.00 (also DD) "Clock Dance is the second Anne Tyler novel I've been lucky enough to narrate. What can I say? Her writing is so good that all you have to do is open your mouth and let the words fall out." —Narrator Kimberly Farr

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