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22 n AudioFile/ Four Big Fall Mysteries "I was enthralled with Karin's unraveling of the backstory in Pieces of Her and the sly way she reveals to us not only who the characters were, but who they are." —Narrator Kathleen Early THE MIDDLEMAN Olen Steinhauer Read by Ari Fliakos With his newest audio thriller, Olen Steinhauer hits a nerve. In a United States led by a polarizing president, with mistrusted and disrupted (or not) intelligence services, a charismatic leader named Martin Bishop emerges. Is his grassroots movement, The Massive Brigade, a peaceful resistance force, or is that a pose, disguising the coming terrors of a Baader-Meinhof gang, or the charisma-gone-rogue cults of Waco or Jim Jones? Ari Fliakos skillfully delivers this bullet train of a plot in which the scariest part is not knowing whom to trust or root for. Voice and pacing are crucial as FBI agent Rachel Proulx races to unravel a snarl of idealism, cynicism, paranoia, and lies threatening her country and life. Fliakos's deft delivery makes this a riveting listen. B.G. Macmillan Audio 9.75 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781427267702 $39.99 (also DD) "A taut thriller but also a novel for our time. Such a privilege to narrate material that both rivets and reflects." —Narrator Ari Fliakos Fliakos's deft delivery makes this a riveting listen. PIECES OF HER Karin Slaughter Read by Kathleen Early Once listeners start Karin Slaughter's new mystery, stopping won't be an option. From the first words, Kathleen Early's narration snares us in a laby- rinthine web of lies, deceits, betrayals, and truths that span decades. Andrea Cooper thinks she knows her mother, Laura, better than anyone, but in one shocking, violent moment, Andy won- ders who her mother really is. As more violence erupts, Early faultlessly navigates Andy's dangerous quest to uncover Laura's truths. As pieces of Laura's secret life begin falling into place, Early's deftness at defining charac- ters and her remarkable skill at revealing well-hidden emotions make Andy's discoveries both stunning and satisfying. Slaughter's clever plotting and Early's high-voltage performance will keep listeners glued to their listening devices. S.J.H. Blackstone Audio 16 hrs. Unabridged Trade Ed.: CD ISBN 9781504780032 $39.95 (also MP3, DD, PRE) Library Ed.: CD ISBN 9781504780025 $109.00 Once listeners start Slaughter's new mystery, stopping won't be an option.

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