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Reviewers August/September 2018 n 7 A.C.P. Anne Cole Pierce, Audiophile, FL A.C.S. Aurelia C. Scott, Writer, ME A.D.M. Alan Minskoff, Educator, ID A.E.M. Aleece E. Michalak, Librarian, IL A.L. Amanda Lyn, Audiophile, AZ A.L.C. Amanda Costello, Writer, NE A.L.S.M. Amanda Murphy Librarian, OH A.S. Andrea Smith, Librarian, MN A.T.N. Andy Northrup, Librarian, CT B.G. Beth Gutcheon, Writer, NY B.P. Brian Price, Producer, IN D.J.S. Daniel J. Siegel, Audiophile, PA D.L.G. Diana Granger, Librarian, WI D.L.Y. Don Yarman, Librarian, OH D.Z. Denise Zajkowski, Librarian, IL E.C. Emily Calkins, Librarian, WA E.E.C. Emily E. Connelly, AudioFile, ME E.E.S. Elaine Sumner, Librarian, RI E.J.F. Elizabeth Fraser, Calgary Public Library, Canada F.M.R.G. Francisca Goldsmith, AudioFile, MA Continued on page 71 Reviewer Spotlight Andy Northrup (A.T.N.) Susan Baird (S.G.B.) I'm a former librarian, and I loved creating and maintaining the library's audiobook collection. I've been reviewing for AudioFile from the very beginning! As a reviewer, I'm pleased to give special attention to inde- pendently published audiobooks and help select them for review. It's a rewarding and challenging job since there are so many excellent titles. My all-time favorite audiobooks are Sally Darling's rendering of To Kill a Mockingbird and Jeff Woodman's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. I enjoy great writers and narrators on audio while my cat and I watch the finches outside on my bird feeder. A.S. A.C.S. A.D.M. D.L.Y. A.L.C. B.G. D.A.W. J.C.G. J.R.T. J.E.C. B.P. D.Z. E.C. G.M. E.E.C. C.A. Caitlin Augusta, Librarian, CT C.A.T. Catherine Thompson, Audiophile, UK C.B.L. Candace B. Levy, Editor, PA D.A.W. David A. Walton, Writer, PA D.E.M. Dale E. McGarrigle, Writer, ME D.G.P. Diane Gardner Premo, Librarian, NY G.M. Gina Monti, Librarian, CT J.C.G. Jessie Grearson, Writer, ME J.E.C. Jessica Coates, Book Blogger, VA J.M.D. Jennifer M. Dowell, AudioFile, ME J.M.M. John M. Murray, Audiophile, CA J.P.S. Jonathan Smith, Radio Producer, ME J.R.T. Julie Thompson, Librarian, WA K.J.P. Kate Pullen, Writer, Spain K.M.P. Katie Polley, Librarian, MN Life gets busy and moves fast—I love audiobooks because they keep me centered in the present moment and let me integrate reading into my already full days. I mostly listen on my long commute, but also while walking, run- ning, doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping . . . really, anytime I can squeeze in a few minutes. Stephen King is my favorite author, and I think summer is a great time to luxuriate in one of his epic stories. It, The Stand, and his most recent book, The Outsider, are all terrific audiobooks. While we work with more than 100 reviewers, we are always interested in new reviewers. We value fresh opinions across all genres. If you are a very active listener, have writing experience, and are interested in discussing the audiobook performance in 125 words or less—you are welcome to apply to editor Robin Whitten, robin@ Want to be part of AudioFile's review team?

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